Our Candidates

To learn more about our candidates, click on the link following the person’s name to be re-directed to their website or Facebook Page.

Primary date:  June 28, 2022


JOY HOFMEISTER – https://joyforok.com/

CONNIE JOHNSON – https://connieforoklahoma.com/


US Senate:       

JO GLENN – https://www.joglennforsenate.com/

DENNIS L. BAKER – https://dennislbaker.com

JASON BOLLINGER – https://jasonforoklahoma.com/

MADISON HORN – https://www.madisonhorn.com/

ARYA AZMA – https://www.aa4ok.com/


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Click Find Me.    On the next page, choose Your Polling Place.  You may also find a link to a Sample Ballot.

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